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    a Beautiful World

    We are passionate optimists. We actually think that you can have a company that cares about its customers, loves what it does and makes money for both of us. What's wrong with that?

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    Happy Customers

    Aren't you sick of being treated like a sheep or a number? It seems so obvious but we really are customer focussed here. We look after you because you're precious and if that means sorting things out at midnight, on Sunday, while we're on holiday, we'll do our best.

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    Honest Answers

    There's so much b*llsh*t talked about the web; how it works and what you should be doing. All from the keyboards and mouths of so-called gurus. We cut through the black-box-geekiness and tell you the truth every time, in plain English. You want a real opinion? Ask away...

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    Website Work for You

    It's amazing how many people pay so much money and spend so much time on their website, without ever really knowing if they've made a penny. We turn your website into a business slave, toiling for you day and night, 365 days a year. You will know exactly what it's done for you in pounds and pence.

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About Us

We have been carrying out professional SEO for over 14 years, helping many successful companies grow through increased brand recognition, lead generation and sales via Google.

Specialists in SEO, PPC/Google Ads, Conversion Tracking, Conversion Optimisation.

We get your business to the top of Google.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our account management; we look after you personally.



With over 14 years of experience, we are pretty damn good at SEO. Most who say they are, are not. If you want to be top of Google call us now.

PPC, Google Ads

PPC, Google Ads

We can manage your PPC/Google Ads campaign to make sure its profitable, effective and measurable, rather than just making money for Google.



We provide reliable, secure hosting, tailored to your needs so you only pay for what you use. Daily backup and outstanding support.

Conversion Optimisation

Conversion Optimisation

We increase conversion of leads on your website using our conversion optimisation techniques. You get more sales per visit.

Website performance monitoring

Website performance monitoring

You need to know how many visitors come to your website, were they came from and what they do. We use Google Analytics, Tag Manager and Search Console. Then we help you increase conversion.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

We will setup Google Analytics for you and report on the data that your business needs, explaining how to read it and assess it.

Business approach to web

Improve your bottom line

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Lead generation is the holy grail of marketing for all businesses. "Nothing happens in your company until a sale is made". Increase your lead flow and you increase your sales, your profit and you live a better life!

Measuring Performance

Measuring Performance

All this theory is all very well but you need to measure each aspect of performance; lead gen, conversion, retention and see how they improve over time.



Once you've sorted your lead flow out, it's all about conversion. There are simple things we can do on any website that will increase your conversion guaranteed.



Having attracted more prospects to your business and converted a higher percentage to customers, you need to hang on to them. Incentivise their loyalty, keep them coming back for more and get them to sell for you.


Lee Barnard

Sales & Marketing Director / Hopkins Homes

‘Baz McCarthy and his agency, A head in the Cloud, have revolutionised our business online in terms of SEO. They provide monthly reports and summaries and a very professional service. Highly recommended.’

Stuart Nicholson

Principal / Cambridge Centre for Sixth-form Studies

It's still the case that your approach to SEO is clearer than anyone else I've discussed our needs with. Our initial work a year ago is developing as the months go by, and the segmentation of the SEO strategy, as we've gained more understanding of our market and competition, is further improving the effectiveness of the SEO.

Justin D. Locks

Operations Director / Mossman Trunks & 5 Star Cases Limited

We have been working with Baz and his team for two years now, they developed our existing website and created a new Mossman Website for us www.mossman-trunks.co.uk We have had a fantastic response to the websites and have seen excellent sales growth not just due to the great design but mainly down to the SEO work carried out, to bring us to the top of searches. Mossman Trunks had a new record year for sales last year, beating the previous year. And we are now starting to see record sales with 5 Star Cases (www.5star-cases.com) since we launched the new website last year. We would recommend A Head in the Cloud and will continue to work with them for years to come. They are very easy to work with and most reliable. Hope this helps you in your decision

Victoria Westgate

Managing Director / Elms Barn Weddings

They have been doing our SEO for the past 3 years for which we have been extremely impressed. The team seriously know their stuff and are very friendly and reliable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Baz and the team for your SEO.

Wayne D

We've been working successfully with Baz and A head in the Cloud for over 6 years. Baz and his team have been extremely proactive, professional and have helped us to succeed. Highly recommended!

We instructed A head in the Cloud Agency back in July 2020 to help us with SEO. After dealing with a number of other company's over the years it has been a breath of fresh air to work with Baz and the team. From the initial enquiry Baz made things simple and clear providing a detailed proposal just a few days later. The cost was fair, and the proposal was realistic. Moving forward we have seen a vast improvement to our enquiry’s through the website month on month, and we are provided with a monthly report without fail. Baz is also very proactive working alongside our content writer.


Marketing Director / Nicholson Violins

Baz and his team are great - everything they say they'll do happens. There are no false promises and Baz is excellent at listening to new ideas and questions - and then coming back with additional ideas and solutions.

Craig Rutter

Owner / Cocoon

We did a lot of due diligence when looking for a SEO specialist, to oversea our companies year 3 scale up strategy. We appreciated the attention to planning pre execution , and this is now paying off . Ahead in the clouds did not offer us the quick fix, we asked for , but spent the time showing us the value and power in consistent progressive steps. Would recommend. Craig SBH

Steven Conway

Owner / Landlords Lawyer

They are fast efficient and very professional. Responding immediately to my requests and delivering a first class service. Highly recommended.

Matthew Morgan

Outstanding service from Barry With my first website So happy taken them on to do a second site Very happy

Ashley Drew

Commercial Manager / Qualitetch

We have worked with Baz and his team for almost 2 years now, in which time we have worked on several projects together including global territory work for SEO as well as UK SEO projects. They have always been first class and knowledgeable about there marketplace. When we have a new project for SEO then we always discuss with A head in the clouds first.

Tracy Saunders

Owner / Go Glass

A head in the cloud agency has helped me to achieve over 1000 page 1's. Very pleased with the friendly and professional service.


Owner / Klass Tutoring

A Head in the Cloud Agency has been a pleasure to work with. Easy to reach, responsive, and most importantly, very effective. I run a small tutoring company in Los Angeles, and within just a few months, we were tracking on the first page of Google with most of our keywords. I highly recommend these guys.

Heather Jarman

Owner / Sapori e Saperi

Working with A head in the Cloud Agency has been an eye opener for me. I was very suspicious of all the SEO offers I received. A head in the Cloud is totally different. They really deliver. Baz McCarthy is quick to understand your business and to come up with keywords that work. My rankings have soared since they've been doing my SEO work.

Vladimir Butin

Head of Marketing / St. Francis' College

We know A Head in the Cloud for many years and they were always professional, supportive and understanding of our needs.

Richard Grey

managing Director / Greys of Ely

We have been using A head in the Cloud Agency for a our SEO work on our website and have been pleased with the results achieved and the detailed information provided.